Building Something beautiful

Code Art Project

Incubated At Gray Area Grand Theater – Mission, San Francisco.

The Code Art Project is an exploration of our technology world and our artistic world. Technology is removed from a traditional context and inserted into mixed media artistic representations, such as a fusion of computer graphic output and oil on canvas.

The Code Art Project expands the frontiers of fine art by incorporating technology communications: programming languages (code), emoticons, etc. The Code Art Project seeks to expose users to the world of computing and highlight its humor and poetry.


Emoticon Series

The Emoticon Series offers memories and pays homage to the original way emotions were expressed on the Internet. Before fancy emoji graphics 🙂 emotions were expressed with letters, commas, colons – any element the keyboard offered the user to invent expression. : – )

This series highlights the abstract nature of online emotions in the infancy of the Internet  – with a heart and a smile.

emoji heart fine art
emoji smiley, fine art









 uses the Ruby programing language as poetry to tell the oldest story in time, the story of life. This piece was created, incubated and presented at Gray Area’s Historic Grand Theater in San Francisco.

The painting is placed side by side with a digital device showing the full ruby programing running in a terminal – highlighting the human experience and the machine experience.


More Information: celebrates relationships by offering tips, tricks and advice for making your sex life blossom. Some of the most reputable names in psychology lend their advice for having fulfilling sexual relationships past the first year and well into marriage. Available to web and iphone users. Built and designed by me 🙂



























































Brings consumers vibrant, healthy, and natural products by offering a trusted and “Healthiest Approved” vetting process. Healthiest works with experts to test and analyze ingredients, interview vendors, and review sourcing to bring the most chemical-free and sustainable products. I lead the development with an engineering team of two and did the design.