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Code to Canvas merges programing languages with the traditional tools of fine art. Code is removed from its normal context, the software program, and melded with graphic design and paint. The machine and human experiences are put side by side to open up the world of computing and highlight its humor and poetry.

Emoticon Artwork Series

Emoticon Artwork Series

The Emoticon Series offers memories and pays homage to the original way emotions were expressed on the Internet.

Before fancy emoji graphics 💩 emotions were expressed with letters, commas, colons and any other element the keyboard offered to make faces and shapes. : -)

This series highlights the abstract nature of online emotions in the infancy of the Internet  – with a heart and a smile.


Heart Smile

I have a few more of these slated for development. If you there is one you would like to see let me know in the comments : – )

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Code to Canvas –

Code to Canvas – uses the Ruby programing language as poetry to tell the oldest story in time, the story of life. This piece was created, incubated and presented at...

Papaya Whip 3 Ways

Papaya Whip 3 Ways

Papaya Whip is a method for describing and specifying colors. Colors may be specified as an RGB triplet or in hexadecimal format (a hex triplet)....

Gray Area Cultural Incubator – What to Expect

Gray Area Cultural Incubator – What to Expect

Gray Area’s Cultural Incubator program supports creative individuals and teams– from a wide array of disciplines– to develop, make and showcase projects within a...

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