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Katharine VanderDrift

Software Engineer and Digital Designer


Katharine VanderDrift  has had a hand in growing and building companies that have touched millions of people with high value intellectual property including KahootzMedical and CloudCrowd. She led the development and ranking of websites in more than 20 highly search-competitive industries from health and beauty to legal services.

She is an Angel and Venture Capital Firm Investor with her husband Alex. They live in San Francisco with their two cats The Grusha & Maginot.

She holds a degree in Theater from UCSD.


Code to Canvas – Founder

July 2014 – Now

Code to Canvas merges the technology underworld of programing language with the traditional tools of fine art. Code is removed from its traditional context, a software program, and melded with graphic design, augmented reality and paint. Incubated at Gray Area Grand Theater, Mission San Francisco. – Engineer, Designer

March 2015 – April 2016

First engineer on team. Built company’s initial software and ran deployments. Designed homepage and internal pages.

Ruby, Javascript, Rails, Spree, AWS, Docker, Heroku

CloudCrowd/Servio – SEO Director

April 2010 – July 2012

Employee 13, Draper Fisher Funded

Selected Responsibilities:

1. Created a uniqueness threshold algorithm for health content.
2. Designed Keyword Research Credential (taken by over 15,000 online workers and used by over ten fortune thousand companies.)

3. Created project interfaces (used in production for the online workforce to complete work).
4. Built proof of concept products
5. Provided Sales Engineering support by creating and making presentations.
6. Featured Speaker for Promotional Webinars

KahootzMedical – Web Developer

Jan 2009 – Feb 2010

IP purchased by Intellectual Ventures. Maintainer (2009 – 2016)

Selected Responsibilities:

1. Built, hosted and designed company’s first website
2. Developed marketing material from white papers
3. Drove organic search traffic to corporate website

LAMP Stack