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Emoticon Series – Code Art Project

Emoticon Series – Code Art Project

The Emoticon Series offers memories and pays homage to the original way emotions were expressed on the Internet.

Before fancy emoji graphics 💩 emotions were expressed with letters, commas, colons and any other element the keyboard offered to make faces and shapes. : -)

This series highlights the abstract nature of online emotions in the infancy of the Internet  – with a...

Code Art –

Code Art – uses the Ruby programing language as poetry to tell the oldest story in time, the story of life. This piece was created, incubated and presented at Gray Area’s Historic Grand Theater in San Francisco.

The painting is placed side by side with a digital device showing the full ruby programing running in a terminal (see video below).

The imagery is...

Papaya Whip 3 Ways

Papaya Whip 3 Ways

Papaya Whip is a method for describing and specifying colors. Colors may be specified as an RGB triplet or in hexadecimal format (a hex triplet). They may also be specified according to their common English names in this case Papaya Whip.

The color along with the different ways of representing color are placed side by side...

My Uncle and Aunt Make Cartoons About Us

My Uncle and Aunt Make Cartoons About Us

Alex’s Aunt Kat and Uncle Redwood make cartoons about the family. Redwood is always writing down tidbits from family holidays, tea parties and adventures in Marin with my Dad Richard.

They are exaggerated for comedic impact but rooted in truth. Here are a few of Alex and I. You can check out their official website here:



Gray Area Cultural Incubator – What to Expect

Gray Area Cultural Incubator – What to Expect

Gray Area’s Cultural Incubator program supports creative individuals and teams– from a wide array of disciplines– to develop, make and showcase projects within a rich social environment. We offer opportunities for participation through memberships, research labs, and fiscal sponsorship.

I participated in Gray Area’s six month incubator program to incubate This multifunctional Theater space in...

Our Kitty Babies

Our Kitty Babies

Grusha and Maginot are the two quadrupeds of the house. Maginot, brown, was adopted in Las Vegas and Grusha, white, was adopted at the SPCA in Novato.


Grusha Belly ...

CarrierWave MiniMagick and Rails 4 Tutorial

In this tutorial we will create the ability to upload an image, resize an image based on any defined pixels and whitelist file extension types to protect our database.

Let’s add the gems to our gemfile:


CarrierWave comes with a generator that will create an upload class. You can generate this...

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Big O Notation in Ruby – Code and Real World Examples

I put big this big O notation guide together so I could better understand core computer science concepts in my favorite language Ruby. I don’t have a computer science degree and like many with and without I put energies into self education on a regular basis.



A lot of ruby methods that iterate over an array

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